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Homecoming Weekend - 2018 Highlights

Homecoming Weekend - 2018 Highlights

The 2018 Homecoming Weekend from June 29 - July 1, 2018 was a very busy and successful one. The weather was perfect and several class...
William "Willie" Portas '27  Honored By FHS

William "Willie" Portas '27 Honored By FHS

        On Sunday, July 1, 2018 after the All-Class Alumni Breakfast at FHS Supt. of Schools Dr. Robert Baldwin '80 directed the...
Class of 1968 Celebrates 50 Year Reunion

Class of 1968 Celebrates 50 Year Reunion

The Class of 1968 had an extremely busy Homecoming weekend celebrating their 50th year removed from F.H.S. They had a great party at the Allendale...
Two Boys' Basketball Teams Recognized By Hall of Fame

Two Boys' Basketball Teams Recognized By Hall of Fame

The 1966-67 and 1967-68 Boys' Basketball Teams combined to have a 28-0 conference record over the first two seasons of the new Capeway Conference and...

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Preserving Fairhaven High for Future Generations

One of the primary missions of the Fairhaven High School Alumni Association since its reactivation in 1980 has been the preservation of F.H.S.  Earning a place on National Register for Historical Places made the building eligible for grant money from a variety of sources including the Massachusetts Historical Society which awarded us $50,000 towards the renovation of Room 7 and the Knipe Auditorium and the Town of Fairhaven has received grant money for restoration of the outside of the building.  

Preserve FHS with your monetary donation, or if you want other ideas for gifts to FHS, you can use the "Preserve FHS" button below.


Our only fundraiser of each year, the Light-a-Light campaign funds most FHS Alumni activities and programs, including restoration projects, the annual scholarships to graduating seniors, technology gifts to FHS, as well as support to the faculty in the form of "Teacher Mini-Grants". In the 32 years that the Light-a-Light fundraising campaigns have been conducted close to $450,000 has been donated by thousands of alumni from around the country who remain very loyal to their uniquely beautiful historic high school. In early November each year the FHS Alumni, in cooperation with the local weekly newspaper, THE ADVOCATE, mail about 6,000 issues of a special "FHS Alumni" edition of the paper appealing to our alumni base for donations to our only annual fundraiser.

For every $10 donated the Alumni Association lights a bulb on the beautiful Colorado Blue Spruce Tree that we have planted on the west lawn of the high school. We remain accountable to our alums by outlining in each annual issue the manner in which the FHS Alumni Board of Directors spent their generous donations the year before. Donations to the annual Light-a-Light campaign can be made at any time during the year. To make your donation, please use the button below.



The FHS Alumni Association's Board of Directors consists of 15 volunteer directors. If you are interested in one of those seats as they become open, please contact the Alumni through this website.

The Alumni Association could use volunteers from our Alumni membership particularly during Light-a-Light season in November and December of each year, and also during Homecoming Weekend (the last weekend of June).

FHS Alumni President Robert Foster '66 conducts tours of FHS during the summer months. Anyone interested in becoming trained to become a tour guide can contact him at