Ft. Myers, FL Reunion - March 2017


The annual gathering in Ft. Myers, FL drew around 800 people from the Greater New Bedford area including many FHS alumni.  Some that were spotted in the crowd were: Martha (Gardner) Baker '60, Walter Coyne '60, Sue (Partington) Henriques '64, Nancy (Morris) Foster '66, Jean (Wyss) Jones '69, Cliff Patenaude '67, Jane (Gignac) Patenaude '66, Thomasina (Hogan) Robert '66, Tom Alferes '66, Anita (Robert) Alferes '67, Erlene (Fernandes) Morra '66, Janis (Curcio) Sirois '67. Ron Harrison '67, Judy (Joaquin) Harrison '67, Gary Valerio '72 and Lester Smith '68.

Nan Sue Jean Cliff Crowd Erlene Janis Gary Darla Lester Helga Martha Walter Ron Tom Tomasina