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"Big Flag" in Need of a Volunteer

John Medeiros '54 spearheaded the effort to purchase a "Big Flag" for Fairhaven High School in 1990, and for the last 27 years he has volunteered his time to make sure this special flag was raised at the 75 ' flagpole in front of FHS on the major holidays, Homecoming Weekends and FHS Graduation Day.  The Big Flag measures 50' x 30' with stars that measure 14" across, and is stored at the Fairhaven Fire Station when not being flown in front of the high school. It normally takes at least four people to raise the flag.  The original Big Flag was purchased for $1,250 by funds raised by John from 50 donors who each "bought a star" for $25.  After 23 years the original flag was showing its' age, and the FHS Class of 2014 gave a replacement flag to the school as a Senior Class Gift. Now John Medeiros is looking for someone to step up and take charge of the Big Flag in his place.  Anyone willing to do so is asked to contact John by e-mail:  JohnJ.Medeiros@yahoo.com

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