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Mr. Dufour Turns 90

In late April 2018 Bob and Nancy Foster '66 had the good fortune to once again meet up with Mr. Donald J.B. Dufour and his wife Muriel for lunch in Fort Myers, FL.  Mr. Dufour had turned 90 the day before and his son Charlie had come down from Connecticut to spend a week with his parents.  Mr. Dufour is in excellent health, and of course loves to brag about his tennis game. He and his 92 year old doubles partner are still playing three matches a week and he loves to tell stories about how the beat up on the "younger players" in the "70 and over League".  One of the most popular teachers ever at FHS, his memory is flawless, and he loves to reflect back on his days at FHS and tell stories.  He is always entertaining when we meet for lunch at one of his favorite restaurants, and he always asks about former teachers and administrators and how they are doing. If you're ever in the Fort Myers area area and want to try to make a connection with him, send an e-mail to info@fairhavenalumni.org and we will help you get in touch with him. (Pictured L-R: Charlie Dufour, Donald Dufour, Muriel Dufour, Nancy (Morris) Foster '66 & Bob Foster '66.)

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