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Complete List of 2018 Light-a-Light Donors

Last year's Light-a-Light campaign resulted in total donations of $23,558 which is the 2nd best year of the 34 fundraising seasons.  Close to 700 donors were responsible for the success of that campaign, and this year because there is no ADVOCATE being mailed with a donation envelope enclosed, we have to rely on our Facebook page and our e-newsletters such as this one to spread the word and encourage donations to this cause so that the FHS Alumni can continue to support Fairhaven High School the way we have in the past.  Please consider making a donation by using our web link:  http://fairhavenalumni.org/lig...  or by mailing a check made out to "FHS Alumni" to:

FHS Alumni
PO Box 6
Fairhaven, MA  02719

Follow the link below to the complete list of the 2018 donors, listed by Year of Graduation (YOG).


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