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Five Generations of FHS Graduates

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    In a recent conversation with Kendra (Swindon) Cadieux '88 she boasted to me that when her son Matthew Cadieux graduates from FHS in June 2021 he will represent the fifth generation of the Cadieux family to graduate from the "castle on the hill".  She related to me that her husband Mike '88, his father Steve Cadieux '70 and his grandfather, Kevin Cadieux, Sr. '51, as well as his great-grandmother Palma Champagny '27 are all graduates of the high school. This represents a total of 6 Fairhaven High School alumni over the span of five generations.
      I was impressed with her claim and then started to work my way up and down my family tree.  My granddaughter Kristen Flynn (2015) and grandson Sean Flynn (2017) are the fifth generation of their family to graduate from FHS.  Their mother (our daughter), Kelly (Foster) Flynn '86, as well as myself (Bob Foster '66) and my wife Nancy (Morris) Foster '66 represent the fourth and third generations respectively.  My father and mother (Alfred Foster '42 and Patricia (MacLean) Foster '48) are the 2nd generation and my grandfather Albert Foster '16 was the first FHS graduate in our family.  So we have eight graduates from five generations of our family.
       I suppose it's possible that there could be a family with six generations of FHS graduates, and I'm sure there are other families that can match the Cadieux and Foster family blood lines that matriculated through FHS.  If you have a family that has five or even six generations of graduates, please email me your names and years of graduation, if you know them, and I will publish your family story in a future issue of this e-newsletter.  Send your e-mail to  FHSAlumni12@gmail.com      [Photo by Jim Mahaney '68]

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