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FHS Asks For Alumni Help With Survey

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   FHS currently has a small team of teachers working with Principal Andy Kulak on reimagining their "profile of a learner" and consequently, a vision of the Fairhaven High School graduate. They pride ourselves on offering the best opportunities for all of their students and hope to renew their vision with an eye on the future. The FHS graduates will need a strong set of skills to meet 21st-century demands. They are beginning the work by collecting information from former graduates and community stakeholders regarding essential skills.  Once the data is collected, they will begin plans to include faculty and staff in a deep conversation about drafting a vision for the graduate and the work needed to live the vision for our students.

   They are asking that our FHS Alumni Association helping them with this initial step by completing the brief survey (link below). The survey is strictly voluntary and comes with no obligations. Please complete and submit your survey by the end of August 2021.


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