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Upcoming Fairhaven Eagle Scouts Reunion

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    Did you know that the first Eagle Scout in the Fairhaven-New Bedford area was a 1920 graduate of Fairhaven High School? That's right: his name was Waldemar "Wally" Damas, a student and football player who went on to West Point and a long career in the US Army. He received his Eagle badge in February of 1919 while a student at Fairhaven High School.

    Were you a Boy Scout growing up in Fairhaven? If so, you probably spent several weekends, and maybe a week during the summer, camping at Camp Cachalot in Plymouth. Maybe you even spent a summer or two on the camp's staff in your high school years.

    Camp Cachalot opened for the first time in 1946, making this year its Diamond Jubilee. The Camp Cachalot Alumni Association is planning to mark the occasion with several events throughout the year, kicking off on March 28, 2021 on the 75th anniversary of the local Scout council signing the deed to the camp. There will be discounted memberships in the Camp Cachalot Alumni Association on the anniversary day itself, and throughout the year, videos and articles will be shared online covering the camp's history and memories from other Scouts and Scouters who spent time there. Public health-willing, they also hope to host an event for alumni in the late summer or early fall at Camp Cachalot itself, so you can go revisit the old stomping grounds and see what has and hasn't changed over the years.

    More information about the Diamond Jubilee events will be available soon on the Association's web site, www.cachalotalumni.org, and on their Facebook page at facebook.com/cachalotalumni. They have an active discussion group on Facebook as well, which can be found via their Facebook page. The Cachalot Alumni want to hear from you, too! If you want to share your own memories of Camp Cachalot, you can send them via email to iwasthere@cachalotalumni.org. They're also looking for old photos, newspaper clippings, and documents about local Scouting, so if you've got something sitting in a drawer or a scrapbook, let them know!  [Photo is from the late 1970's.)
{ Article written by Dennis Wilkinson and submitted by Charlie Humphreys '70 ]

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