Our Beloved FHS


The Gallery of images of the 1906 building as well as the 1999 addition to FHS illustrate the high quality of the craftsmanship that our Town benefactor, Henry Huttleston Rogers, insisted went into the school that was considered by many to be the "finest high school in the United States."  Beautiful oak doors, as well as quartered oak panels, are prominent throughout the 1906 building, and the floors of the main corridors are made from polished Tennessee marble. The granite used to build the first two floors was quarried from Fort Phoenix and dragged to the site by teams of horses. Beautiful stained glass windows adorn various stairwells and doorways in attempt to beautify the build and make the students  feel that they are truly in a unique atmosphere.  The Architect Earl Flansberg who designed the 1999 addition, didn't have the good fortune of having the unlimited budget that HHR provided to Architect Charles Brigham in 1905, but he very effectively incorporated touches of oak with many Victorian inspired designs to make the new blend with the old. Flansberg's finest achievement was the conversion of the old hexagonal gymnasium, complete with a second floor running track, into a modern high school library that the 1999 school was lacking.  That project alone earned the architect a national architectural award.

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