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2023 Light-a-Light Off to a Great Start!

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At the end of the first month of our annual Light-a-Light Fundraiser your FHS Alumni Association has received $8,700 in donations from 113 alumni and friends of our high school. This puts us about 1/5 of the way towards our goal of $45,000.  Many of the donations have  been very generously given in memory of deceased classmates and/or friends.  
Our beautiful Colorado Blue Spruce Tree on the west lawn of F.H.S. will be lighted on the day after Thanksgiving with a bulb lit for every $10 that has been donated, and our Light-a-Light Drive will continue until the end of December.   
Donations can be made electronically using our Venmo user name:  @FHS-AlumniAssociation  or by Zelle using our email address:  FHSAlumni12@gmail.com   Checks made out to "FHS Alumni" can be mailed to:

      FHS Alumni
      PO Box 6
      Fairhaven, MA  02719

Thank you for your loyalty to your FHS Alumni Association, as well as your generosity in supporting our efforts to support the students and staff of the high school as well as the restoration projects that we undertake.

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