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FHS Alumni Distributes $30,000 in Scholarships

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At the June 4, 2023 Graduation Exercises at Fairhaven High School $30,000 in scholarship grants were awarded by your Alumni Association.....our largest amount ever.  Monies raised by the Alumni through the Light-a-Light campaign accounted for $18,000 of the total and the other $12,000 came from several generous alums who have established scholarship grants through our organization.
The top five classes in the 2022 "Battle of the Classes" competition had $2,000 scholarships granted in their honor to:
      Class of 1961 - Abbey Lopes  (University of New Hampshire)
      Class of 1962 - Weslee Tyler  (Clark University)
      Class of 1964 -  Kaydin Pinto (Salve Regina University)
      Class of 1965 -  Jason Ruan  (George Washington University)
      Class of 1966 -  Tenley Dakin (University of Maine)
Scholarships of $2,000 were awarded in memory of deceased Alumni Board members Mary Battaini '38 and Curtis Lopes II to four college bound graduates who have demonstrated outstanding community service:
      Abigail Thomas -  Western New England University
      Ella Tveit         -     University of New Hampshire
      Jack Boucher  -    UMass - Dartmouth
      Weslee Tyler   -    Clark University
Memorial Brick Park Scholarships of $1,000
      Kate Magalhaes  -  University of Southern Maine
      Donald Joseph III - University of Maine - Farmington
Joey St. Pierre '93 Memorial Scholarships of $1,000 donated by the Portas Family Foundation:
     Cadence Harris   -  University of Vermont  (Studio Art)
     Matt Kitchen      -  UMass - Dartmouth  (Graphic Design)
     Jayden Tucker    -  UMass - Boston  (Film)
McCombe Family Scholarship of $2,500 donated by Dave McCombe '66:
      Marcus Cahoon  -  UMass - Boston
Nathan & Arlene McCombe Scholarship of $2,500 donated by Dave McCombe '66
      Electra Xifaras  -  UMass - Amherst
Fire Science or Criminal Justice Scholarship of $1,000 donated by Phil Whiting '67
     Natalia Fitzgerald  -  Coastal Carolina University
Ellen (Heys) Noblet '41 $1,000 Scholarship donated by Melissa daLuz:
     Electra Xifaras   -   UMass - Amherst

(Photo by Beth David - NeighbNews)


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